Our Goals

At The Phoenician Garden, we take pride in providing an exceptional dining experience for our guests, right in the heart of Fresno, California. Our Mediterranean cuisine is crafted with love and care, and we are seeking motivated and experienced individuals to join our close-knit team.


Team Player

We value employees who can work effectively with others, contribute positively to a team dynamic, and collaborate to achieve common goals.


Excellent Communication Skills

We appreciate individuals who can express themselves well, listen actively to others, and maintain open channels of communication with team members and management.


Strong Work Ethic

Our ideal candidate is dedicated, punctual, and consistently delivers high-quality work. They take pride in their role and are always looking for ways to improve and grow.



Our employees must be committed to providing exceptional service to our guests, anticipating their needs, and ensuring a memorable dining experience.



As a fast-paced restaurant, we need employees who can quickly adapt to changing situations, embrace new challenges, and remain calm under pressure.


Positive Attitude

A can-do attitude goes a long way in our restaurant. We are looking for individuals who can maintain a positive outlook, even during challenging times, and who can inspire their colleagues with their enthusiasm and passion for their work.

Current Opening: Cook/Dishwasher


>5 Years


Up to 30 per Week


$17-$20 Per Hour

To apply, call us at 559-261-277

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