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We offer an easy catering pickup option for your holiday events. Select from a variety of exquisite Mediterranean dishes, all expertly prepared and ready to bring a gourmet touch to your festive table with minimal effort. We’ll have them waiting for you and even help you to your car. 

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Transform your holiday feast with the convenience of our catering delivery. Ideal for both business and personal events, our team ensures prompt delivery.

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For personalized service and immediate assistance, place your catering order with a simple phone call to 559-261-2747

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You can conviently place your Holiday Catering Order online!

Questions? Explore our FAQ

Find answers to all your catering queries and more in our comprehensive Catering FAQ, ensuring a seamless experience for your event.

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Read the answers to some of the most popular questions.

Our guests frequently rave about a few favorites, including the Combo Kebobs for its tender, charbroiled chicken and beef, the richly flavored Spicy Chicken with tender cuts of diced chicken expertly grilled, and the Lavash Delight with its savory Kefta mix. Our assortment of wraps are popular and we have many vegetarian options for those preferring plant-based options.

Absolutely! Our catering menu features a variety of vegetarian delights, such as our creamy Hummus, the refreshing Tabouleh salad, Baba Ghannouj made from smoked eggplant, and the ever-popular Falafel wraps. Additionally, we offer the Vegetarian Plate, which includes an assortment of stuffed grape leaves, bulgur pilaf, and more. These dishes showcase the rich and diverse flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, ensuring a delightful experience for our vegetarian guests.

Yes, we specialize in catering for business meetings, providing a range of options to suit any meeting size and dietary preference.

Absolutely! We offer business delivery services, ensuring your corporate events and meetings are catered with the finest Mediterranean dishes. 

All meals are prepared fresh. Hot items will be hot and cold items will be cold. Your meal will be ready to serve. We ensure they are appropriately packaged to maintain the ideal temperature, but recommend serving within 30 minutes of pickup or delivery.

Our catering orders are packaged in sturdy, disposable containers.

We recommend placing your order at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability and give us adequate time to prepare your meal to perfection. Something come up last minute? We’re pretty good at helping you out of a pinch. Give us a call and see what we can do!

While we do have a minimum order requirement for catering services, we love catering even smaller gatherings. Please contact us for more details based on the size and specifics of your event.

We cater for a wide range of events, from small family gatherings to large corporate functions and everything in between. Our goal is to make sure your guests have delicious and fresh food like only the Phoenicians can make. 

We understand that plans can change. Give us a call as soon as possible, and we'll do our best to accommodate any last-minute additions or changes. 

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