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From the Broiler

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Let’s face it, ordering for graduation shouldn't be harder than earning the degree itself. Our website is so easy to navigate, even your tech-challenged aunt could do it in her sleep, and at prices that won’t make your wallet weep for mercy. Wave goodbye to the standard pizza fare and hello to a smorgasbord of spicy chicken, kebobs, wraps, and to-die-for desserts. Our special 2024 Grad Celebration Menu packs a punch of unique Mediterranean flavors that’ll make your grad cap fly off in excitement – because your graduate deserves an epic feast, not just an edible afterthought.

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Tired of boring, overcooked hot dogs and burgers? Let our catering service elevate your graduation party with our sizzling spicy chicken and juicy kebobs cooked to perfection on the grill. Who needs the basic backyard BBQ when you can have a mouth-watering Mediterranean feast?


Are you ready to impress your guests with bold and fiery flavors? Our menu features delicious spicy chicken, flavorful kebobs, and zesty wraps that will leave your taste buds dancing. Bring some heat to your graduation celebration with our unique Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

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Save Room for Dessert

Graduation is a sweet accomplishment, so why not indulge in some delicious desserts? Our catering service offers a variety of delectable options, from rich baklava to creamy pudding, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Make your party stand out and end on a high note with our irresistible desserts.

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